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October 4th, 2010
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decided to buy an apartment in Kazan

My wife and I are going to buy an apartment in Kazan, and that's what I decided to blog.
However, I do not know why I need it. much practical sense in it, really just what thoughts come to order, and as a reminder can be if you miss that ..
So I have to do.

October 4th, 2010
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Karlovy Vary

The most famous Czech spa, the famous hot spring that emits water temperature 73 degrees at a height of 14 meters, the wafer (colloquially "Oplatka) – Karlovy Vary wafers and exclusive liquor called Becherovka Karlovy Vary Czech Republic, France. and English "Karlovy Vary" in German, "Karlsbad", translated as the hot springs of Charlemagne.

Therefore, it is located in Prague. But it so happened that she was not all that became his flood of tourists and beer and has the desire to escape from it in the opposite temperament of the city, you must do the following. 1) Locate the entry of any metro station in Prague. On the map to find the station "Florenc", is the intersection of the branches of red and yellow. 2) the back. 3) When you leave the ring for the construction of the subway station, cross the street and see a bus station. 4) Find the cash register. If you do not see it, ask. In Russia it is almost universally understood. Answer, of course, in Czech, but what to do. The word "no" in Russian and Czech sounds the same. 5) Buy the ticket, take the bus. And two hours later in Carlsbad.

He writes in his book, Dr. Fabian Sommer, according to legend, the basis of Karlovy Vary is related to such events. One day, Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor, German nations, who lived in the fourteenth century, went hunting in the wooded place with mountains and valleys. One of the dogs came to power and began to howl in pain: oakazalas unbearably hot water. The emperor must have known about the healing power of thermal waters and decided to treat the water, the leg, which at that time was seriously injured. A few days after the injury has been delayed, and the emperor was able to walk. At the site of the miraculous spring the town was established. Karl supposed to adhere to the wall, but more important matters of state prevented from doing so.
Birth of Carlsbad as a complex is connected with the second half of the nineteenth century and the name of a famous German doctor, Josef von Imperial Life balneologist Leschner Medic. His book on the thermal waters of Bohemia was the beginning of flowering of the ski resort of world renown. In 1870, the road was built Cheb – Karlovy Vary, which linked the station with the railway network of Prussia. A few years later came the branch and Karlovy Vary – Prague. In 1898 the German guide says: "In 1756, he first came here to try to 134 families in the nineteenth century the number of tourists and 26,000 and in 1911 had risen to 71,000 people .."
After the Second World War, the Benes Decrees, the Sudeten German population of Czechoslovakia was expelled from the GDR. Carlsbad, were inhabited by the Czechs, originally from central Moravia. Vary became a quiet rest home for the leaders of the socialist block making. After the Velvet Revolution of 1989 began a gradual recovery in Karlovy Vary, as an international destination.
Guests at the resort at different times were the Russian Emperor Peter the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, the composer Edvard Grieg, the writer Fyodor Dostoevsky, the composer Johannes Brahms, the writer Friedrich Schiller, a thinker, Karl Marx and many others.

Main attractions
Grandhotel Pupp, founded in 1701.
white colonnade, which became a symbol of the city.
Hot springs, (Czech V??dlo) hot springs and powerful. Fountain height up to 14 meters and the water temperature is 72 degrees Celsius. The intensity of the eruption of 2000 liters per minute. At present, most of the hot springs built a glass roof and admire the source can be at any time.
The Orthodox Church of Peter and Paul, founded in 1893. The funds for the church is the community of St. Petersburg since 1862. The construction works of the architect Gustav headed Vidermann. Compiled by Academician Konstantin project Ukhtomskiy temple dates back to Moscow in early seventeenth-century Yaroslavl churches. The temple site holy apostles Peter and Paul in Carlsbad.

Karlovy Vary wafers – thin plates, thick, coarse (circles) of the wafer test of industrial production. homemade cake mix cakes, with a liquid mass. The dough is rolled onto the wafer and baked without form. Wafers to make beautiful homemade cookies, the standard form and, together with the glaze does not give a liver to dry in a week.
Becherovka – (Czech Becherovka, German Karlsbader Becherbitter) Czech spirits (38 degrees), the infusion of more than 20 medicinal herbs and manufactured by the technology has remained unchanged since 1807. Initially, the liquor as a medicine for stomach, drink recipe was kept secret until the mid-twentieth century.
China Starorolsk? Zdekauera Moritz. World famous brand of China, produced in Karlovy Vary. The factory was founded in 1810, in 1894 the bank bought the Prague Zdekauera Moritz. white porcelain, classic – without any decoration.

October 4th, 2010
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Procedure for buying real estate in the Czech Republic

Real Estate in the Czech Republic If under the law souchastnymi the right to acquire or Foreign National with a right of permanent residence or legal person registered in the Court of business entities and have their domicile in the Czech Republic. He joined the company in any case is a necessary step for a foreigner intending to live and start a business in the Czech Republic. Obtaining a residence permit is also directly related to the presence of companies in the Czech Republic. For foreigners who buy real estate, and will not be broadcast live as the Czech Republic to buy a business with an unlicensed activity, namely, possession of property, registration and maintenance of these businesses are taxed by the founders.

All property is recorded and stored information about what the land registry, which is the final stage of transfer of ownership from seller to buyer in the sales contract. In this case, since the application in the real estate inventory in the census for the new owner before making inventory control decisions in the census for the new owner so that nobody can manipulate according to label inventory of so-called '. At the time of signing the sales contract and should be registered companies, but there are cases where the choice of real estate depends on whether you can buy in the Czech Republic or in any other European country . In this case, you can first select the object property, a forward purchase contract, which can be signed and the individual, determine the date of signing the contract – the sale, and given the time to register the company. In collaboration with lawyers to help you wisely make the buying process of any of the scenarios described above. In this case, it is natural legal purity test object.

The tax on sale of property in general, pays the seller, unless agreed between the parties to the contract to another, and 3 percent of the value of real estate. Annual ru / "> real estate tax in the Czech Republic is very small, so for example a tax on an apartment in the center of Karlovy Vary in 1960 m2 of 8 euros a year, the tax on the house of 300 m2, 1,000 m2 25 euros per year.

ru / "> All the properties in the Czech Republic is a privately owned, except for apartments which are divided into apartments in the state of cooperative ownership and private property and call home. Besides the apartments on private property abroad can buy an apartment in the cooperative selected, since the law does not allow all of them translate the apartment to a foreigner or a company, and the notion of "buying" is not good because the apartment is owned by the cooperative and buy the rights to be a member of the cooperative. In some cases, you can sign a contract and the owner of the apartment building, but in this case is the usual rent, just for a longer period, eg 49 years, but the cost of these apartments is much cheaper .

October 4th, 2010
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How to buy an apartment in the Czech Republic: Where do I start?

1) First, you should carefully consider whether it is worth going there? For the benefit of both the positive and negative answer to this question is a set of arguments. PROS: by the time you and your children can become citizens of the European Union to invest money in a country with sustainable economic growth, buying an apartment in the heart of Europe: 2-3 hour trip to Vienna Munich, 4-5, Ljubljana, Berlin – in general, all 33 of the fun. CONS: The Czech – German Slavs, arrogance and adheres to the letter of the law is difficult to express in words, gains in real estate can not be compared with Moscow’s offer: Forget godlovyh 30%, and about 20% also 10% – up 8.7% – well, 4-6 – normal.

2) If you decide to take this step. Read about how the transaction occurs, and this must be done in advance. Basic information about how to buy properties can be found here . Direct comments from people in many forums, such as CZ or this, or this . They are, in fact, a lot.
3) . Make it easy, but it is very important. The fact that any real estate agent or attorney interested in dealing with crosses from beginning to end. Therefore, try by all means leave a “have”. Leave is sometimes difficult and sometimes impossible. If anyone can advise to choose a company must be guided by the following principles. 1. Continued existence. If the company 2-3 years, then maybe you should wait until it matures. A good indicator of a stable company – the presence of regular partners here, if the company is headquartered in the Czech Republic. 2. Specialization. If the company is engaged in real estate odnovremnnno all countries, most likely a kind of news real estate agency, not an organization of real estate. 3. A look at property prices in the Independent Portal . An increase of 5% and it has just normal trap. But if high prices, then the company should be happy with their confidence.

October 4th, 2010
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The opening of the Schengen borders

Schengen border communities are open to visitors of the Czech Republic, as well as eight new European Union members on the last day of 2007. According to this on Tuesday the Interior Ministers of the EU. This is reflected in the fact that the borders of Bohemia and united Europe as of this moment there are no checkpoints.

5.12. Aktualizov?no 2006 11:00 to 14:53

Bryucsel. . This is a great success if you go to Germany on December 31, 2007, you will not have to show your passport at the border, “- said the Interior Minister Ivan Langer, Czech Republic.

“All new EU members except Cyprus accession to the Schengen Agreement on Christmas Eve 2007″ – said Langer.

Only Cyprus wants to join the Schengen agreement only after the entry into force of the SIS II. Besides the nine new Schengen zone, Switzerland.

By convention, December 31, 2007, open land and the sea within Schengen, and in March 2007 and removed controls on domestic flights.

If the EU insists on the introduction of SIS II, part of which are biometric passports, the Czech Republic, according to Langer, entered into the agreement only in 2010.

================================================== ============================
SIS – database of European-level people crossing the borders of the Schengen countries. Allows you to receive relevant information from the authorities on an individual, including information on its financial statements and property. SIS II system – also contain biometric data.

October 4th, 2010
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The cost of the services of a real estate agent


If you are buying an apartment, sell or exchange it for a fee, then gets up in front of you is not a simple matter of choosing a real estate agent business. This problem is not easy. I would say it is very painful. The man began to study the issue, thinks: “What is so difficult you found a buyer, received money for an apartment and all I can pay for advertising.? Well, for verification. Why do I need a realtor? ”

I think the question should be: “Why the bad real estate agent?” Now imagine that the housing market has gone all large real estate companies engaged in unnecessary work that can make each one of you. What will happen? Some runners are privately owned businesses and small property. “The housing market is civilized? Pronto. Among the private agents and small real estate companies have very good players, but many of them do not carry out complex operations.” Who then will they do? I worked as an expert in real estate for seven years, but each time customers ask questions whose answers will not find in any book on real estate. And sometimes they find them, you can not understand what is written there.

The recent consultation in the courtroom. The woman entered the room because I have less flat, in which the child is the owner of a large area with a charge of mortgage funds. The new baby will be the homeowner, but will be key to the Bank. She does not understand what he wants from the head of the guardianship and the Bank. I can chat with her in the mail and I can not clarify the situation with representatives of the Bank and custody, that is, just read his explanation that he was told. She has a real estate agent is all about himself. I understand that you want to save money, because now the crisis. But imagine, I carried out the transaction by mail. Imagine the quality of tenders … Do you think you’ll have time for such advice? But these issues are not sufficient. Your real estate agent decides on a course of the operation.

If the market is going to leave the firm as real estate, then go out and guarantees the reliability of real estate services. Therefore, for people who do not receive quality service in the property market would like to say: “All real estate agents are different, no matter what company they work for.” In large real estate companies, real estate brokers are certified every year.

And now for the cost of services. Where have you ever seen a cheap and high quality? Imagine a qualified real estate agent is working on an assembly line of real estate, the cost of mental and physical health in unlimited quantities by a very small fee. This real estate agent “burn” in the first two years. And not even win their rehabilitation and treatment, a few pairs of shoes to wear in the heels, you will receive only disappointment of the profession and the many negative emotions. Many inmates enter the profession in search of easy money, are gone forever, without making any transaction. Therefore, not everything is as easy as it might seem at first sight. Unfortunately, customers realize the seriousness of our work directly in the operation and preparation, but not in its infancy. Advertising and shows only one-tenth of a flat success of any agreement, though not always easy. Real estate agent based on their experience, they always give advice on the best way to show the apartment.

Cost of services of any real estate company, irrespective of the extent of 3-6% of the purchase price. Why a fork in the percentage? Everything depends on the complexity of transactions and value of housing. Exceptions are expensive apartments, the interest here may be lower, depending on the agreements.

The cost of real estate services now can not be less than 200 000. private actors in the property market today take over the work of 100,000 rubles for a simple sale, respectively, an alternative transaction that would cost more. However, private operators do not offer guarantees. The cost of real estate services can not be less than 3%, otherwise the services will not recover the cost of wages of a real estate agent and office maintenance, inspection fees and advertising plans.

In the market in 2008, the company is converted Agent 002. They are positioned as a company, cheap real estate services up to 2%. Their ads are full of all the newspapers “Hand in Hand.” And then came the crisis … His advertising has almost completely disappeared, I did, at least, I do not. Two percent did not survive the test of time. I’ve had experience with them. wonderful office, I have called “who sewed clothes?”. As Raikin. Each stage of the operation were different people, and ultimately was responsible for the operation is not clear, just found out that finally showed the source to a lawyer. The time professional demonstrates how to run businesses in the market. explosion Many real estate companies and newly created bubbles. Therefore, choosing a real estate company and estate agent, take note of the recommendations of friends and acquaintances and socializing with several brokers from different companies. This will help you choose the real estate agent.

October 4th, 2010
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How to Sell

One of the most popular questions from vendors: "How I can sell if you can not offer the lowest price" The answer to this question, there are many, is unlikely to be able to list them all here.

I would like to discuss one of the most effective ways to overcome this problem.
To begin with, that "low price" is the most important argument in most cases. Yes, price is important, but not the main reason to buy. When all the other features have been agreed, then the price can be a decisive argument, but very few people make a purchase guided only by cost.

This does not always buy things cheaper? So why do you think customers will? Maybe he is not buying the most expensive item, but there will always fly with the least risk to themselves.

We have reached the most important decision especially not affect the price, including value of assets and minimize risks for decision-making.

What is the risk? This is the price paid by the customer in case of error. The word "price" is a more general meaning than money. This is like, business, social or emotional problems that can arise when the wrong decision. The lowest risk – the greater the likelihood of purchase.

A simple example: a place for sale? We evaluate the market, we find potential customers, then make a cold call, where we get basic information and an appointment. At the meeting, explained in detail the opportunity to sell our products (demand in other words) and make an offer and then wait for the client's decision.

Suppose you sell a computer that can replace existing media. What if a mistake? Increased production and the blame for this are mainly in the person buying. This can threaten them with dismissal, fines, nerves, and so on.

Is it necessary to take risks in order to increase the productivity of which you speak with him and is not safe? Hardly.
Man fears the unknown. The client has no reason to believe, until he clearly does not realize that his proposal does not represent a safety hazard.

Here are four basic steps to help locate a buyer:

1. The establishment of strong business relationships.
Good relationships lead to trust. In the case of competitors library, which established a relationship feels more confident.

2. Create and work with a group of referees.
These are your customers or friends who are happy to work with you and can give a positive response if necessary. I think that relationship can be stimulated by giving discounts in the service of repeat purchases and so on. If necessary, the potential client can even lead to the production and display merchandise in a "battle conditions."

3. the logical continuation of the second paragraph:
give customers the opportunity to test products, physical contact is much more than his words. Get a better feel – more confident.

4. In the conclusion (not owned by the seller, and the company):
gives the customer the security: the trial period, refunds, installment payments and so on – all that will show the honesty and trust of customers. These actions always cause a reaction. Ultimately, it is profitable: the number of returning the product is always less than the number of customers attracted by the special conditions (read the latest idea of someone's blog recently, I do not remember who).

Now on the market does not survive by offering a lower price, but we can assure customers a low risk of purchase. Understand how to sell?

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Buying an apartment real estate agent is fairly simple. The highly organized business to buy a couple of times, only because of the reluctance to share with real estate agents. Go and tell him anything complex but there is no need for patience. So the order of performance: Measured in money. For free hope it is not necessary, if we can negotiate a discount too, but experience tells me that you enjoy decent housing with the parameters of good payment history that make it unlikely. So the account is placed in real terms, about three to five thousand dollars for incidental expenses (if you save, then go to repair). Persuasive to all Council does not take into account the cost of housing is far below its market value in these cases is very high probability that the price falls to lie on a major problem in the future. the same day in a raid of the cheapest option, arrived at the agency for advance payment has been found that agents are already in operation foot just … Therefore, the money you have, is finding a suitable apartment, it is desirable to have a direct sales and other alternative (in the sale of his apartment for the money that the seller buys another house, the ultimate beneficiary of their money selling , respectively, apartments for the seller). In principle, in the alternative, nothing serious at no additional cost to waive, the only thing a seller can do to increase the period during which a deposit is charged, and that has yet to find an apartment to themselves, and and advance their progress made by his department. The main problem at the moment, finding a suitable option without using expensive agency. You can find an apartment with the offer of help newspapers from hand to hand, house prices and leave it blank lesson! For a successful search, you need a computer with Internet access and 2000rub. The fact that no call information data base that literally comes from all sources, especially the earlier documents, and Internet data. Making these databases – a special company. The most popular of them is a winner and a browser. Winner recommend using a very useful program, you can install from the web page writing . You will have to pay 2,000 rubles for the use of the program during the month – and all options for apartments in Moscow and Moscow. area on the computer. The database is automatically updated daily. Owning a database, however, is no different from any agent of the largest agencies. In fact, these databases are used by giants like Incom Honey and better. So watching the daily changes in the base, the unit looks. In that first need to pay attention? In the state of housing, type away, the house did not speak, each in their own taste. Try to meet with the owner, as we learn more information and to see your passport. First see the certificate owner, such as homeowners, should see them all. Advance paid for the apartment or in the name of the seller or the name of the agency, as a provider of proxy. The optimal time for taking an advance from 10 to 15 days. One month to a breakthrough does not make sense. If you are prompted for a month, then it is likely that the seller is more than ready to deal, have not found a suitable option for an alternative, or simply in search of more profitable customers. Promutuziv vasmesyats a seller may reject the offer on the last day, on any pretext, and in no way to force to try just probably not in court. Of course, when the term of the advance to 10 days, the seller and may slip, but the loss of 10 days to piety, not so much as a month. The director of the advance will be refunded without problems. Way to give a further advance of $ 3.000 should not be, if you have a regular store, you can hire a thousand dollars of the U.S. Avn After sending the seller an advance agreement by both parties on the advance. Importantly, you must specify the order to move and rent, area, address, the price of an apartment, and when the final settlement of an apartment. A sample agreement can be found on the Internet. In addition, the seller must write a receipt for the money. If the apartment is sold with no alternative, and the seller in their hands all the documents necessary for the transaction, the transaction can be assigned to the most intimate expression, which will require you to check the house a week on average. The documents must be received by the seller to sell the apartment: The evidence on the property, an extract from the goblin books, financial and personal account of Deza, plant BTI BTI explanation. This binding instruments. The validity of the documents from the month a Desa, and years BTI.   After making an advance need to see how many people look at the apartment was not there in the last decade, suddenly disappeared from the citizens of this department and if the owner is registered in the state registry of owners. Do not worry, this is not difficult and scary as it sounds. Thus, in order of amount prescribed for the time indicated in the book home to register before you can learn only what is called extended the house search. In a statement issued the same event as such, not only with the host going to the passport office, put it in 500r owner’s passport. and fed to pasportistke with a sweet smile and explain that you are a buyer of an apartment in this city, and as a very shy, I wonder who lived in an apartment before. Pasportistka have your passport and a few minutes later returned with the cards in their hands look like a library. In chronological order, someone pointed out when in shape and discharged from the first settlement. As these cards can see first-hand historical propisok and extracts of the house. If you find missing or planted in a psychiatric hospital or in a distant part of the citizens, it is better to abandon this option. If all this goes well, the next stage of testing a campaign in EGRP (his luck in Moscow, can make any person, the address to search through the Internet) has no tail and savings to pay 100 rubles. You may request assistance about who owns any interest flat Even if this apartment is not related. A week later, will be given a certificate that particular flat owner is a citizen. In fact, this is a duplicate confirmation certificate of ownership. So I’ve done this before who owns kvartry number of people who are detailed, and do not understand how prescribing. By the way, if the owner has children under age then you need to consent to the sale of the guardianship, if the authorization eschy not have a big minus, because you have to wait a month do not know what the outcome and Throughout this period the seller was hung Avn. Another test: if the owner is not registered in the NDP. DIY is not possible, I advise you to rely on their own opinions. If you really want to separate the service done in some agencies is somewhere 2000P. So I reached the main point. The apartment has recorded property documents, certificates of Deza and BTI with the seller on your hands. Together with the seller make a contract of sale, which is standard on the Internet. Its parameters are: Who is selling the purchase of the purchase, management, price, location. Check the date, the temporary exemption of the property (14dn.). Sordo, on any given day for the bank, where you can rent a safe deposit box, sign the sales contract, the seller controls, at the request of their money from their authenticity, they are a sign of a bank-leasing cell (usually a month costs about $ 200), which said the money from the cell, the seller can choose the apartment, but only after the apartment is registered in your name and holding evidence of ownership . After this purchase agreement vregistratsionnuyu House of Representatives approved the registration (national registration costs about $ 300 to $ 500 bribe to the registrar if you need faster) Who pays for registration is solved by the seller or you or him, or both. After 14 days, along with the seller to get home on business and get two eekzemplyara contract of sale with the record label and a certificate of ownership to your name. Ur so you are a new owner! But that’s not all. Within 14 days, the seller must vacate the apartment and check things out and then you come sign the act of receiving the transfer of housing, the apartment was in good form and without pritenzy, you must submit all kvitantsii for payment of utility bills, certificate of no debts and keys. All rightful owners and may delatremont to taste and bring furniture Viva!